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Libertarian film festival Anthem to re-screen Cough at 10th anniversary retrospective
⇢ Thursday 24th June 2021
Cough's personal accountability message and eerily accurate prediction of government COVID-19 lockdowns sees it included in retrospective

7 awards, 17 nominations, Cough is Yarnmaker's most successful film to date
⇢ Saturday 3rd October 2015
We take a look back at our 2 years on the film festival circuit

Anthem Film Fest review: Cough a Must-Watch for filmmakers
⇢ Sunday 27th July 2014
Cough reviewed and interviewed after Anthem Film Fest screening.

Cough official selections at 23rd Arizona International and 56th Rochester International Film Festivals
⇢ Monday 24th March 2014
Screenings at long established international film festivals signal a healthy future for Yarnmaker's dystopian sci-fi short

German premiere of Cough to be in Berlin
⇢ Wednesday 5th February 2014
Yarnmaker sci-fi film to have its German premiere in February

Cough goes to Trail Dance
⇢ Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Yarnmaker film screens deep in Oklahoma

Cough's two screenings in Poland plus nomination
⇢ Wednesday 27th November 2013
Yarnmaker short film will receive screenings at two prestigious Polish events, plus an award nomination.

Cough nominated for 13 awards at Wild Rose
⇢ Monday 4th November 2013
A Yarnmaker record has been broken with Cough being nominated for 13 awards at the 11th Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

Cough wins Best Foreign Film at SoCal + 2 noms
⇢ Wednesday 16th October 2013
Yarnmaker's short Cough was awarded Best Foreign Film at SoCal International Film Fest and received two further nominations.

Thriller! Chiller!, Flatland and Crystal Palace screenings for Cough
⇢ Thursday 10th October 2013
Yarnmaker film Cough has picked up 3 more film festival screenings in October, at Flatland (US), Thriller! Chiller! (US) and Crystal Palace (UK).

Killer widescreen screening at Screamfest
⇢ Tuesday 8th October 2013
Yarnmaker film "Cough" will receive a high quality digital cinema screening at the US's oldest genre film festival.

Cough wins Best Sci-Fi award
⇢ Sunday 22nd September 2013
Yarnmaker film wins its first award at its world premiere at the 17th annual Indie Gathering.

Cough receives digital cinema scope screening at Burbank International
⇢ Friday 6th September 2013
Yarnmaker film Cough will be seen as it was intended at a special screening in 2K Scope at the Burbank International Film Festival

Cough screens at Portobello, London
⇢ Friday 16th August 2013
Cough's UK premiere to be at the world famous Portobello film festival in August.

Cough Australian premiere to be at Melbourne Underground Film Festival
⇢ Thursday 15th August 2013
Australia's long running and most notorious film festival will host Cough's Australian premiere in September.

West and East European premieres for Cough at Pentedattilo and Busho
⇢ Friday 2nd August 2013
Yarnmaker short film Cough will play two very cool Euro festivals: Pentedattilo in Italy and Budapest Short Film Festival in Hungary.

Cough world premieres at 17th annual Indie Gathering
⇢ Monday 8th July 2013
Latest Yarnmaker film will have its World and US premieres at the 17th annual Indie Gathering.

Third film COUGH ready for the world
⇢ Sunday 7th April 2013
Director Jason Kempnich launches the third and biggest short film yet from Yarnmaker.

Swiss European premiere for Unrepentant
⇢ Monday 17th October 2011
The 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival will be the European premiere for Yarnmakers second film.

10th US screening for Yarnmaker film Unrepentant
⇢ Monday 22nd August 2011
Michigan to host 10th US screening in High Def.

Best Music + Best Cinematography
⇢ Monday 2nd May 2011
Two killer awards for Unrepentant at Wildsound Canada.

Wildsound screens Unrepentant
⇢ Sunday 20th March 2011
Second Canadian screening, this time in Toronto.

Beloit International and Dam Short screenings
⇢ Tuesday 25th January 2011
Unrepentant to screen three times in February at established Wisconsin and Nevada film festivals.

Unrepentant to screen at Trail Dance
⇢ Saturday 8th January 2011
Established Oklahoma film festival to show latest Yarnmaker film.

Achievement in Sound, New Orleans screening in HD
⇢ Friday 12th November 2010
Yarnmaker short film Unrepentant to screen in HD and Dolby Digital at Big Easy International Film Festival, and earns Achievement in Sound Design award at Wild Rose.

Unrepentant Canadian premiere at DSLRFest
⇢ Thursday 4th November 2010
Yarnmaker film selected amongst the best DSLR films in the world

New York premiere for Unrepentant
⇢ Thursday 28th October 2010
Short Film makes its New York debut at NewFilmmakers NY.

Awards, nominations and an Iowa screening for Unrepentant
⇢ Monday 25th October 2010
Gold at Oregon Film Fest, 2 nominations and a screening at the 8th annual Wild Rose Independent Film Fest.

Second US screening for Unrepentant
⇢ Sunday 3rd October 2010
The 6th Annual Flatland Film Festival (Texas USA) will host the second screening of Unrepentant

Unrepentant's world premiere announced
⇢ Thursday 5th August 2010
Short film Unrepentant will have its world premiere at the Atlantic City International Film and Music Festival on 9th September 2010.

Crowdfunding begins to work
⇢ Saturday 31st July 2010
Short film "The Carrier" is using crowdfunding to expand its budget. See how the first 2 weeks went.

The Carrier hits pre-production
⇢ Tuesday 13th July 2010
Yarnmaker launches its 2010 film production and an experiment in crowdfunding

What you need to know: Shooting a feature film on a Canon EOS DSLR
⇢ Wednesday 7th April 2010
What a professional film crew can expect of a Canon EOS 5D Mk 2 on set.

Unrepentant goes to Cannes
⇢ Saturday 3rd April 2010
Yarnmaker's second film is ready to work the Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner.

Casting and crew call
⇢ Friday 18th September 2009
Brisbane cast and crew required for latest short film. Details here!.

2009 Biggest Year Yet
⇢ Tuesday 10th March 2009
Projects a-plenty in our busiest year yet.

2008 Schedule Announced
⇢ Friday 8th February 2008
Major writing project to see out 2008

2007 Schedule Announced
⇢ Monday 22nd January 2007
Writing, writing and more writing for Yarnmaker in 2007.

Unfinished Business receives ACS Cinematography Awards
⇢ Monday 20th November 2006
Yarnmaker's first film receives two ACS Awards for Cinematography.

Portable Film Festival win
⇢ Tuesday 24th October 2006
Unfinished Business wins Filmmakers Choice award at the Portable Film Festival.

Unfinished Business comes home to Queensland
⇢ Tuesday 24th October 2006
After spending many months touring overseas film festivals, Yarnmaker film Unfinished Business will finally come home to Queensland.

First two awards for Unfinished Business and Yarnmaker
⇢ Sunday 15th October 2006
Brisbane short film Unfinished Business has been honoured with two awards from two different film festivals.

H.P. Lovecraft, Hell's Half Mile, Underexposed
⇢ Friday 22nd September 2006
Three more US film festivals for Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business Nominated for Award
⇢ Monday 28th August 2006
Yarnmakers first film has been nominated for an award at the 5th Shockerfest International Film Fest.

European Premiere at Horror Fest UK
⇢ Sunday 30th July 2006
The horror subtext of Unfinished Business was acknowledged with the announcement of the film's official selection.

Canadian Premiere at Cultural Festival
⇢ Saturday 29th July 2006
Unfinished Business will screen at the Calgary Fringe Festival

Victorian Screening for Unfinished Business
⇢ Tuesday 11th July 2006
The Victorian Festival of Motion Image has confirmed Unfinished Business will screen in Bendigo on 22 July 2006.

Aussie Ghost Story Goes to Rome, Georgia
⇢ Tuesday 4th July 2006
Yarnmakers Unfinished Business to screen at the Rome International Film Festival.

Unfinished Business has North American premiere
⇢ Saturday 17th June 2006
Brisbane film Unfinished Business will screen at the 12th Brainwash Drive-In Movie Festival in California

Unfinished Business selected for Redfest Short Film Festival
⇢ Tuesday 7th March 2006
South East Queensland film-goers will be the first to have an opportunity to see Unfinished Business on the big screen

Unfinished Business premieres!
⇢ Monday 13th February 2006
First Yarnmaker film well received by audience

Unfinished Business nears completion
⇢ Thursday 5th January 2006
Yarnmaker's first Brisbane based short film nears the end of post production

Casting Session a Knock-out!
⇢ Monday 27th June 2005
Yarnmaker's first casting call was a great success, with a high level of professionalism and dedication displayed by Brisbane actors.

Casting Call Open
⇢ Sunday 22nd May 2005
Calling all Brisbane actors! Yarnmaker is now casting for Unfinished Business

First Crew Ads for Short Film
⇢ Tuesday 26th April 2005
Key crew positions on Unfinished Business advertised early.

Call for Cast and Crew Imminent
⇢ Sunday 17th April 2005
Yarnmaker's first film will shortly begin casting and crew calls in Brisbane, Queensland.

Yarnmaker announce Unfinished Business
⇢ Friday 21st January 2005
Yarnmaker's first production has been publically announced.

2005 Production Schedule
⇢ Thursday 20th January 2005
For its first year of business, Yarnmaker has announced its 2005 film production schedule.

Yarnmaker Launches
⇢ Tuesday 11th January 2005
An independent feature film company has launched with some unique production ideas.

Our latest: Cough
Civil liberties are yesterday

Completed: Unrepentant
Everyone has a secret.

Completed: Woolanulla
Completed feature film script for sale to established Producers.

Unfinished Business
Completed: Unfinished Business
No ill deed goes unpunished ... eventually.
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