Starring Belle Fitzgerald and Todd Levi. Written and Directed by Jason Kempnich.

Everyone has a secret...

Recently graduated psychologist Julie must face personal demons when she is left in charge of a pedophile's release from prison. Discovering an unexpected side to herself, an unsupervised and inexperienced Julie turns her fear and indecision into an opportunity.

But at what cost?

Unrepentant is a 14 minute short film from Yarnmaker. It raises the ethical question of sex offenders who have served their incarceration time, but psychologically are highly likely to re-offend. It is a divisive subject with no easy answers.

Filmed in South East Queensland, Australia, Unrepentant is Yarnmaker's and Writer/Director Jason Kempnich's second film.

Unrepentant is available for festival screenings, distribution and broadcast.

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Title: Unrepentant
Tag: Everyone has a secret
Genre: Drama, social issue
Status: Completed - available for screenings
Length: 14:00
Aspect: 1.78 (16:9 widescreen)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (stereo compatible)
Source gauge: 35mm High Definition Digital
Distribution: Most HD digital and video formats


Swiss European premiere for Unrepentant
October 17, 2011. The 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival will be the European premiere for Yarnmakers second film... MORE

10th US screening for Yarnmaker film Unrepentant
August 22, 2011. Michigan to host 10th US screening in High Def... MORE

Best Music + Best Cinematography
May 2, 2011. Two killer awards for Unrepentant at Wildsound Canada... MORE

Wildsound screens Unrepentant
March 20, 2011. Second Canadian screening, this time in Toronto... MORE

Beloit International and Dam Short screenings
January 25, 2011. Unrepentant to screen three times in February at established Wisconsin and Nevada film festivals... MORE

Extracted from full Yarnmaker news.

Gold, Oregon Best Cinematography, Wildsound Best Music, Wildsound Achievement in Sound, Wild Rose
Nominated Best International Film, Wild Rose Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Lucerne International Film Festival, Traverse City Shorts Festival, Wildsound Toronto Film Festival, Beloit International Film Festival,
Trail Dance, 7th Dam Short Film Festival, Big Easy International Film Festival, DSLRFest, 8th Wild Rose Independent Film Festival,
NewFilmmakers New York, 6th Flatland Film Festival, Atlantic City International Film & Music Festival.

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