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The Carrier hits pre-production

Tuesday 13th July 2010

Yarnmaker is pleased to announce its 2010 dramatic production, a short film presently titled The Carrier. To be filmed in Brisbane late in 2010, The Carrier will be the third short film produced by the award winning Yarnmaker team. It will explore how quickly society as we know it could run off the rails, and how we could lose our hard won liberties at the stroke of a pen.

The world has been torn in half when a dangerous flu becomes a pandemic. The sick, known as "the Infected", are ruthlessly segregated from the healthy by the government. None of the Inflected have made it back. No one knows what happens to them. With society falling apart by the hour, a corner store shopkeeper contends with an unprecedented crisis of his own. An escaped Infected walks into his store: his fiancee.

As with most independent short films that do not receive government backing, The Carrier will be tightly budgeted. However, Yarnmaker is exploring an experiment in what has become known as crowdfunding - where likeminded individuals the world over contribute a little bit each to the project, adding a much needed budget boost to the project in return for incentives. Check out our crowdfunding pitch and feel free to get in the spirit and contribute!

Calls for cast and crew will follow over the coming months. To stay updated, follow us on Twitter or via our RSS feed here by using the "follow us" buttons below. Also check out our in-production page for the film.

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