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2009 Biggest Year Yet

Tuesday 10th March 2009

In 2009, Yarnmaker will shift into high gear.

Our flagship project, the feature length Australian screenplay Woolanulla will continue to be fine tuned before it is turned loose on a potential Producer.

Later in 2009, we will also return to developing our first short drama since the award winning Unfinished Business, with the aim of having the film completed before the end of the year. Yarnmaker will utilise a Brisbane based cast and crew for the as-yet unannounced 10 minute project. Like Unfinished Business before it, we expect the short to have a long and successful film festival career and we will be pulling out all stops in all departments.

We will also have our first foray into the documentary market. Yarnmaker are proceeding with a travel documentary set in Japan, with a strong focus on stunning cinematography and an intriguing story of discovery. Pre-Production is already underway and Production will commence in May.

The year will also see Yarnmaker commence the first drafts of a synopsis for a forthcoming feature film that will be produced in-house. The development process for this currently unannounced in-house feature will take several years.

Finally, we are developing a secret experiment. The viral-style project, to be distributed on YouTube, is sure to tickle the funny bone. Due to the nature of the project, Yarnmaker won't be publicly credited on the finished result, but it is very much an in-house project and will be an interesting foray into online media and the public psyche.

The year is jam-packed and no doubt several of these projects will carry us through into 2010.

Yarnmaker is a creative film production company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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