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First two awards for Unfinished Business and Yarnmaker

Sunday 15th October 2006

Brisbane short film Unfinished Business has been honoured with two awards from two different film festivals, all in the same week. These are the first awards to be received for not only the film, but also for Director Jason Kempnich and the production company Yarnmaker.

We here at Yarnmaker would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the film's cast and crew!

The first award, announced ahead of the festival, was for Best International Film at the Berks County Film Festival (USA). Further information can be gathered from the festival website, which lists Unfinished Business on the festival's screening list as well as the festival programme. The awards presentation will be held at 6pm on Friday 10th November 2006, followed by screenings of all the winning films, starting with Unfinished Business at 6:45pm.

The second award to be received was from Shockerfest International Film Festival. We were one of five films nominated for Best Fantasy Picture for this year's festival. It was announced at the awards ceremony that Unfinished Business had taken the gong. Shockerfest has a two disc DVD for sale of the festival highlights, which includes Unfinished Business (look for the "Shockerfest" compilation).

All upcoming screenings of Unfinished Business can be found on our Screenings Page.

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