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Killer widescreen screening at Screamfest

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Yarnmaker sci-fi film Cough will screen at the well-known genre film festival “Screamfest” in LA on Sunday 13th October at 7:45pm, in Shorts Block 1 at Laemmle's NoHo 7 Cinemas, North Hollywood. Screamfest is the oldest horror and sci-fi film festival in the USA, and has stunning handcrafted awards designed by the late, great Stan Weinstein.

Screamfest will also be Cough’s second public screening in DCP, a Digital Cinema format. It is a great opportunity to see and hear the film as it was designed to be experienced.

Cough Director Jason Kempnich explained, “We’re really excited about Screamfest. It’s a great festival with a rich history. The cherry on top is that Screamfest only screen a handful of shorts, and they encourage the use of Digital Cinema files. The DCP format is not a consumer format. It’s difficult to work with and the file sizes can be prohibitive to handle - no one wants to spend days loading 50 short films at 30 minutes transfer time each onto a cinema’s server. So most film festivals show short films off DVD or Blu-Ray for convenience. Screamfest stands out - they want their audiences to see and hear the best, and as a filmmaker I love that.”

Dan Eady as a Health Authority Officer in Cough

Kempnich went on to explain why Digital Cinema was the perfect format for Cough.

“Cough was filmed in 2.35:1 Scope – a traditional widescreen cinema format that’s about 1/3 wider than a widescreen TV. When a 2.35:1 film is projected from Blu-Ray, it is letterboxed inside an already narrower 16:9 frame, which means you’re losing a fair amount of resolution and screen space. But when you project natively in 2K Scope onto a Scope screen, you use the entire cinema screen edge to edge at full resolution.

“We put a lot of effort into making a high quality DCP for Cough so that it may be shown on cinema projectors in their native format. Not only will it fill the cinema’s entire Scope screen, it will also use their 6 channel surround sound to maximum effect,” Kempnich said.

Cough will screen at Laemmle's NoHo 7 Cinemas, North Hollywood on Sunday 13th October at 7:45pm. More information on the Screamfest screening of Cough can be found at the Screamfest entry on our screening tracker. Screamfest also have a detailed entry for Cough on their website.

Cough stars Robert Coleby (Tracks, Terra Nova, The Marine) and Christopher Sommers (Predestination, Terra Nova, The Horseman), with Natalie Trent and Dan Eady. Written and directed by Jason Kempnich, it features moody cinematography by Graeme McMahon and evocative music by Davin Patterson.

Set a few years from today, Cough explores a dystopian future where a pandemic has forced governments worldwide to heavily curtail the movements of citizens for their own survival. In the rush to survive, civil liberties are forgotten. The film asks the question - how far is too far? Sometimes you have to fight to hold on to your civil liberties, and do what is best for those around you.

Please refer to the Cough website for all information on the film, including all upcoming screenings, access to the film’s trailer and other digital media, and contacts.

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