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Crowdfunding begins to work

Saturday 31st July 2010

Whilst Yarnmaker's forthcoming short film The Carrier continues to navigate its way through the many gates of Pre-production, over on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, The Carrier has started to gather a modest momentum.

The crowdfunding approach is a novel experiment for us. But like any other experiment, it may ultimately fail to yield the results we were hoping for. Time will tell.

A successful crowdfunding campaign will allow the production to double its previously planned budget. Yarnmaker are committed to seeing all those additional funds end up on the screen, allowing us to make the film a lot more visually rich than it would have been without crowdfunding. As filmmakers know all too well, tight budgets will often result in electing to "not" show something, to go without something, or to work in a slightly crippled manner. It is a business of compromise. Crowdfunding holds the promise of less compromise on the production.

Modest progress has been made to date. Over the first two weeks, The Carrier attracted five sponsors, contributing a total of $130. Yarnmaker would like to thank Rachael Emmitt, Mat Kuhr, N. Neaton, R&M Lawty, and the ever evasive Mr Anonymous! Your funds will go to set building, and securing locations.

At the time of writing, there are still 73 days left to contribute to The Carrier.

Of course, we don't expect money for nothing from our generous benefactors. We believe that in order to make the fund raising project successful, Yarnmaker must also contribute something meaningful back to our benefactors. Each contributor will receive a credit in the film, which will also be submitted to IMDB, and they can follow our progress in a special production blog just for our contributors. Additional perks are available for each contributor, depending on the level they contributed at and their interests. To see how we have gone about it, you can check out our crowdfunding pitch for yourself, and while you're there why not get into the spirit and contribute too!

Calls for cast and crew will follow over the coming months. To stay updated, follow us on Twitter or via our RSS feed here by using the "follow us" buttons below. Also check out our in-production page for the film.

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