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Cough official selections at 23rd Arizona International and 56th Rochester International Film Festivals

Monday 24th March 2014

Despite its gloomy name, the future looks very healthy for Yarnmaker short film Cough with the news it is an official selection for two well established international film festivals.

We were thrilled to learn Cough will screen at the 56th Rochester International Film Festival on the evening of Saturday 12th April 2014 at the Dryden Theatre in George Eastman House, in Rochester New York USA. Being an official selection for such a well established film festival is an honour, but screening in the historically significant George Eastman House carries extra gravitas for the Yarnmaker team. Details are on our Rochester International Film Festival screening page.

Just days later in the west, Cough will also screen at the 23rd Arizona International Film Festival on 23rd April 2015 at the Screening Room Cinema in Tucson Arizona. Arizona is widely regarded as one of the more important festivals in the USA and the Yarnmaker team couldn't be more pleased. Screening details are on our Arizona International Film Festival screening page.

Both festivals are well established international events. Cough's Writer Director Jason Kempnich is delighted to be selected by them and humbled to share the cinema screen along with some of the best films for the year.

More information on Cough including upcoming and past screenings, and the film's trailer, can be found at the Cough website. Cough stars Robert Coleby (Tracks, Terra Nova, The Marine) and Christopher Sommers (Predestination, Terra Nova, The Horseman), with Natalie Trent and Dan Eady. Written and directed by Jason Kempnich, it features moody cinematography by Graeme McMahon and evocative music by Davin Patterson.

Set a few years from today, Cough explores a dystopian future where a pandemic has forced governments worldwide to heavily curtail the movements of citizens for their own survival. In the rush to survive, civil liberties are forgotten. The film asks the question - how far is too far, and what if government wanted to keep their new power? Sometimes you have to fight to be the change you want to see.

A scene from the Yarnmaker film Cough

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