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West and East European premieres for Cough at Pentedattilo and Busho

Friday 2nd August 2013

Yarnmaker's dystopian short film Cough will have both its Western and European premieres within days of each other in August and September.

The Western Europe premiere kicks off first in southern Italy at the very cool Pentedattilo Film Festival, from 23rd August 2013. This festival is set high in the rocky hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and features pop-up cinemas among the ruins of the Pentedattilo ghost town, founded as a Greek colony in 640 BC and abandoned in the 1800's after an earthquake. How cool is that?!

More information on the Cough screening at the Pentedattilo Film Festival can be found at the Pentedattilo entry on our screening tracker.

The Eastern Europe premiere is a few days later on the 5th September 2013, at the Budapest Short Film Festival - or Busho for short. Held in the Vorosmarty Cinemas in the heart of bustling Bupapest, Busho is a fresh and cheeky European festival, with an emphasis on establishing workshops and a live-in community for attending filmmakers to learn and network.

More information on the Cough screening at the Budapest Short Film Festival (Busho) can be found at the Busho entry on our screening tracker.

Brett takes stock in Cough

Cough stars Robert Coleby (Tracks, Terra Nova, The Marine) and Christopher Sommers (Predestination, Terra Nova, The Horseman), with Natalie Trent and Dan Eady. Written and directed by Jason Kempnich, it features moody cinematography by Graeme McMahon and evocative music by Davin Patterson.

Set a few years from today, Cough explores a dystopian future where a pandemic has forced governments worldwide to heavily curtail the movements of citizens for their own survival. In the rush to survive, civil liberties are forgotten. The film asks the question - how far is too far? Sometimes you have to fight to hold on to your civil liberties.

Please refer to the Cough website for all information on the film, including all upcoming screenings, access to the film’s trailer and other digital media, and contacts.

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