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Unrepentant goes to Cannes

Saturday 3rd April 2010

On behalf of our cast and crew, Yarnmaker is pleased to announce the completion of its second self-funded film Unrepentant and the film's admission into the Festival de Cannes 2010 Short Film Corner.

The Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner is a market place for short films, perhaps the largest of its kind in the world. It is run on site and for the duration of the main film festival at Cannes. The Short Film Corner is an excellent way to kick off the film's festival season, as it will allow other festivals to invite us to screen, as well as potential broadcast sales.

Producers Luke Barlow and Jason Kempnich would like to thank our wonderful cast and crew for their time, energy, and professional dedication. Without you, there would be no film.

Starring Belle Fitzgerald and Todd Levi, and Directed by Jason Kempnich, Unrepentant tells the story of recently graduated psychologist Julie. She is forced to face personal demons after being left in charge of a pedophile's release from prison. Discovering an unexpected side to herself, an unsupervised and inexperienced Julie turns her fear and indecision into an opportunity. But at what cost?

Unrepentant is a self-funded 14 minute short film from Yarnmaker. It raises the ethical question of sex offenders who have served their incarceration time, but psychologically are highly likely to re-offend. It is a divisive subject with no easy answers.

Unrepentant's listing at the Festival de Cannes' 2010 Short Film Corner.

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