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Yarnmaker announce Unfinished Business

Friday 21st January 2005

Yarnmaker today announced further details about its first production, Unfinished Business.

Unfinished Business will be a high quality short film, less than 10 minutes in length. It will tell the story of a man who begins to recall disturbing memories of events, so vivid and violent in their nature, that they drive him to discover more, for the sake of his own sanity.

Set simultaneously in 2005 and 1945, Unfinished Business dramatically suggests that perhaps no ill deed goes unpunished ... eventually.

Producer Jason Kempnich has deliberately set the bar high on Yarnmaker's first outing.

"Yarnmaker is all about feature film quality, and the pressure is on to set that standard from the outset. We will gather a team of talented, reliable, yet undiscovered artists, actors and technicians to produce something that is unique and highly engaging. Unfinished Business will be a great start for Yarnmaker, as simultaneously depicting events from 2005 and 1945 will be a challenge from an authenticity and technology point of view," said Mr Kempnich.

Unfinished Business is presently in early pre-production, but should move to production in August/September 2005. Casting and crew calls will be published via this website before then.

Full details for Unfinished Business can be found here.

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Unfinished Business
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No ill deed goes unpunished ... eventually.
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