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Tag: Civil liberties are yesterday
Genre: Drama, science fiction (soft)
Length: 10:00
Aspect: 2.35 (scope)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (stereo compatible)
Source gauge: 35mm High Definition Digital
Distribution: HD digital, 2K Digital Cinema
Distributor: Drama Club Films


German premiere for Cough in Berlin
February 5, 2014. Yarnmaker sci-fi film to have its German premiere in February.. MORE

Cough goes to Trail Dance
January 22, 2014. Yarnmaker film screens deep in Oklahoma.. MORE

Cough's two screenings in Poland plus nomination
November 27, 2013. Yarnmaker short film will receive screenings at two prestigious Polish events, plus an award nomination... MORE

Cough nominated for 13 awards at Wild Rose
November 4, 2013. A Yarnmaker record has been broken with Cough being nominated for 13 awards at the 11th Wild Rose Independent Film Festival... MORE

Cough wins Best Foreign Film at SoCal + 2 noms
October 16, 2013. Yarnmaker's short Cough was awarded Best Foreign Film at SoCal International Film Fest and received two further nominations... MORE

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